Big Data

Gain parity with the cloud’s ability to provide any size business access to big data

A limited budget is no longer an impediment for setting up machine learning, giving you the business intelligence that will provide a competitive advantage. JCMar’s ability to set up machine learning allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of your customer base, arms you with the insights to make educated business decisions.

Enlist JCMar engineers to set up the data-capture features, functionality and analytics that provide actionable insight for marketing, enhancements and improvements, or set a new direction within your company. We will teach your staff to manage the tools themselves, saving you money. And, JCMar will always be available to come in to fine tune and customize.

Below are some of the advantages to our bid data solution:

  • Access customers big data through conferences, events, e-mail and social media
  • Connect the dots between all the data captured
  • Learn to process in house data through machine learning
  • Protect your customer’s PII through secure data encryption and archiving, minimizing your risk of litigation
  • Gain a proactive way to market and function within your company structure
  • Integrate IoT devices, censors and machines to capitalize on your investments
  • Recognize trends and patterns in your data to create predictive forcasts from live data

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Strong web presence is a crucial for success in today’s businesses.

Position your business ahead of the competition with a user-friendly website that is mobile and search engine optimized. JCMar’s capable design team works with you to develop a website that is right for your business – from simple, static brochure sites to fully content-managed e-commerce portals.

Thirty percent of all web traffic is now mobile. It is important that your site is designed and developed with this in mind. JCMar will build a mobile-optimized version of your site that delivers an excellent user experience across a range of mobile devices.

Your website is useless if it can’t be found by your audience. We design and code websites with search engines in mind. Built to industry standards we ensure that it's' properly indexed to your keywords and easily found.

Brochure Websites

A content management solution is flexible enough to meet most business requirements. JCMar’s brochure websites are designed to showcase your business effectively online and get results. They can be anything from a static page to a content-managed site that you can manage yourself.

Custom Websites

Sometimes, however, custom development is needed to meet the functionality required. JCMar develops custom-designed web solutions for a range of requirements including third-party system integration, building components for external service-orientated architecture and serving data to other systems.